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TADhack 2019

TADHack Global is a hackathon that helps people learn about the latest Internet, IT, and Telecoms technologies; and use those technologies to solve problems that matter. In 2019 it is the fifth year that the event will happen. It will run across 12 different cities on 12 and 13 October. You’ll have fun, meet amazing people from around the world, learn important new skills and you have the opportunity to change the world with your hack.

Learn more and sign up at the TADhack website.

Past events

You’ve already missed these opportunities to talk to the Speakup crew about your ideas:

  • APIdays 2019, Amsterdam
  • TADhack 2018, Enschede
  • Hackup Hackathon, Enschede
  • TADhack 2017, The Hague
  • And many more….